Comrade Sim’s Good Eating Turkey

Here’s the recipe I promised. Happy Holidays.

Good Eating Turkey

combine one or two onions diced along with a few cloves of garlic and spices (cordomon, coriander, turmeric or jerk seasoning); mix in blender with olive oil. or saute with olive oil according to taste. add 1/2 cup water to make paste.

slice and or punch holes in turkey along breast, thigh and wing as deeply as possible in as many places as possible. be careful to puncture both front and back.

stuff marinate paste into turkey cuts.

wrap turkey in aluminum foil. refrigerate over night. place turkey in oven with foil and or cover.

cook until done. brown and serve.

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Fruitcake without Fruit or Cake

I commandeered the following recipe from a sweet but kind of bougsie site called

I happened on it by semi-accident. I was searching for depression era recipes to snazz up for the kitchen-istas of the current depression/recession. I found this site which is shabby chic, voluntary simplicity style. While the practices are suitable for inclusion in the adviso for RED living, the ideology is sticky (and undercooked.)

Voluntary simplicity is a philosophy which eschews consumerism and sets “simple”, homemade, garden-fresh or organics as the ideal. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, it’s the same as the trustfund baby who goes dumpster diving. Yeah, it’s cool that you can furnish your apartment for free and you saved some ratty couch and Ikea bookshelves from languishing in a landfill… but that’s not a model for the way the rest of us can live (it’s random, slightly dangerous and time consuming) and VOLUNTARY simplicity has little or nothing to do with INVOLUNTARY poverty.

(Note how Trustfund Baby covers the stained couch with a blanket he ordered from a pottery barn catalog. eg The dumpster diving trustfund baby is a common enough occurrence in the Pacific Northwest to be cliche.)

Fetishizing the lives of the poor and calling them wise or privileged is ass-backward. Sharing techniques for mutual survival and interdependence, I’m down with.

Liberated/Stolen/Commandeered recipe below (comments and photos are the original blissful blogger) I recommend you use more red food coloring and please send me photos if you happen to sculpt this modern fruitcake sans cake into an eye-catching design like a hammer and sickle.


(Julia’s) Aunt Barbara’s Popcorn Cake

This is a doozy of a cake and is so simple you will jump for joy! This is the PERFECT go-to dessert and works wonderfully as Christmas gifts to neighbors.
Best of all, it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.
The recipe comes from my dear, sweet Aunt Barbara.
If I could steal her recipe book for a day, I would. She absolutely is one of the finest cooks I know and every one of her concoctions are divine.
Aunt Barbara’s Popcorn Cake
12 cups popped popcorn
1 pkg. marshmallows {regular, large size}
1 stick of butter
1 large pkg. peanut M&M’s
1 pkg. spice drops
3-4 drops food coloring {optional}
In a large pot, melt butter on medium heat. Add marshmallows and stir constantly with a wooden spoon until melted and completely blended. Add food coloring and stir.. Remove from heat and add popcorn. Stir with wooden spoon, adding spice drops first, then M&M’s. Keep stirring to make sure everything is coated well.
Now comes the sticky part. You can use a greased bundt pan {like I did here},a 9″ x 13″ pan, or any other mold. Use the spoon to pour the popcorn mix in, then slightly wet your hands. Press mixture down. Put in refrigerator for at least 15-20 minutes to cool.
Remove, cut into pieces, or just package up for gifting:).
This cake has many options…I have used red food coloring and a molded heart pan for Valentine’s Day. A friend had an oval “egg” pan and used light colors for Easter one year.
The possibilities are endless!

Hello world! Welcome to Little Red Cookbooks

One of things I laugh so hard at is Eddie Izzard’s crazy asides in his rants and in the cake or death bit is a frequent thing I love in which protestors are shouting and holding signs “CAKE OR DEATH!” and one of these izzardisms/characters/asides holds up “the little red cookbook”. OMG communist squeals of joy. Little red cookbook! So I haz plans. Me and comrade katt of u can haz cheezburger when everyone haz cheezburgr fame. To do the cookbook of the people, for the people. Serve man. (Soylent green recipes to follow.)